Nov 25

AI Software launched  a new product on Romanian market 1 month ago.  The product let businesses to create calendar for its customers that can add appointments in 2 clicks. We had a minimum set of samples that should exemplify the usage of this product. The results are worst than ever. There is nobody out there that is seeing the opportunity for its business and to gain a competitive advantage. Nobody wants to offer to its clients online reservations. Every small business it is using the paper and phone system. Each of this business do not have a client database or they are unable to offer discounts for important clients, knowing that this can be done so easily.
We believe that this product is ahead of its time and shows us that the internet usage in Romanian market is at its beginning. Most of the businesses are using the internet just for search of information. Doing a business online is just for bloggers and freelancers.

Probable we will have to switch to create dedicated projects for real users of the internet… and we probable will need to find another market.